Why Concierge?

My team and I care about every aspect of your health: Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Each patient is dynamic and unique, requiring individual attention to all facets of health. We desire to provide a personalized level of care that fosters an enhanced level of intimacy and trust in order to meet your needs. With this model of care, our patient panel is smaller than the traditional medical model. This allows us to offer increased access to your team of healthcare professionals and provide longer visits when necessary, resulting in improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Now more than ever, our health and our relationships are perhaps our most valuable assets. We have adapted to meet our patients where they are, while staying in line with social distancing guidelines to reduce exposure. One such action resulted in the launch of telehealth services. What does this mean for you, our patients? Improved access plus less time missed from work or school, less waiting, less travel. Our world and how we do things are evolving!

Concierge Medicine defined, and why it’s right for you!

"Concierge medicine, like many other things we purchase, is an experience as much as it's care — you have a much more personalized, intimate encounter with your concierge doctor,” says Charles Dinerstein, a vascular surgeon and senior medical fellow at the consumer advocacy organization the American Council on Science and Health. (Source AARP.org, retrieved 5/23/2020.) 

  • Personalized, therapeutic relationship with the clinicians you know and trust
  • Smaller patient panel = improved access to your healthcare team
  • Longer visits when necessary
  • Easier to monitor your health + target wellness 
  • Improved health outcomes + patient satisfaction
  • It’s an investment in your long-term health + wellness strategy

When you choose the Concierge Program at Esprit Health & Wellness, you get:

  • Improved access (Doximity Dialer + Hale Telehealth in addition to Athena patient portal)
  • Prioritized appointment scheduling + coordination of care
  • Longer appointment times, such a comprehensive annual wellness exam including nutrition consult
  • FREE! Set up waived for the first 50 patients! (A $75 value)
  • FREE! One complimentary My Origin genetic wellness panel! (A $250 value)
  • Discount on products (Professional supplements; Premium skincare)

Current Gold Platinum
Pre-Authoriztion froms (Rx, insurance, imaging) $35 Included Included
Any forms requiring signature (Lost orders, refills) $35 Included Included
Nutrition counseling $200 $200 Included
Response to patient portal In order of request In order of request Within 24 hrs
Extended access to provider No Improved - patient portal - No texting! Priority access - M-Th and as needed!
Access to a provider in 24 hrs No No Yes!
Discounts on: professional supplements and a FREE My Origins genetic wellness panel ($250 value)! No No Yes!

“Come for the treatment...stay for the experience.”